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Marina and the Diamonds - YouTube Presents on 8/15 at 4 pm ET!

Attention Diamonds! Marina is performing for YouTube Presents - live from NYC on 8/15 at 4 pm ET. Mark your calendars. 

If you have a question for her, upload it here: http://youtube.com/marinaandthediamonds 

The most popular questions - as determined by your votes - will be answered live on YouTube!

Live in and/or around NYC? Send your full name, mailing address and date of birth to marinainnyc@gmail.com

Marina’s new album ‘Electra Heart’ is out now. 

Buy: http://smarturl.it/electraheart

Visit: http://marinaandthediamonds.com

Like: http://fb.com/marinaandthediamonds

Follow: http://twitter.com/marinasdiamonds

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